Wedding Guests: How Much Time to Spend With Each Wedding Guest?


I'm concerned about socializing with guests at the reception. My fiance and I want to enjoy ourselves (meaning dance and have fun). We know that we need to mingle with our guests, but we don't want to be tied up all night -- it's our party too. How long do we need to spend with each wedding guest? Any suggestions?


First, try not to feel as though having to greet and spend time with guests is a burden! These are your friends and loved ones who are there to celebrate with you, and a big part of being the bride and groom means being a good host and hostess (even if your parents are paying!). A good way to double check that you've covered everyone is to take a trip around the reception room during the meal -- either as a couple or separately -- and stop at every table to chat with each guest and generally make an appearance. Be extra mindful of elderly guests (who you likely won't meet out on the dance floor) and those you don't see very often, especially anyone who has come a long way to be at your wedding; they'll be disappointed if they don't have some time with you. A final thought: Remember that your guests are a part of your having fun, not mutually exclusive from it -- and hopefully, many will be out on the dance floor celebrating with you!

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