Wedding Processional: How Should an Uneven Wedding Party Walk Down the Aisle?


I'm planning to have five wedding attendants while my fiance will only have four. I'm okay with having uneven sides (I don't want him to have to pick someone else that he doesn't truly want up there just for number's sake), but I'm not sure how we should handle having them walk down the wedding aisle.


Have the first three pairs of bridesmaids and groomsmen walk out arm in arm, then have the last groomsman (lucky guy!) head out with a lady on each side. It's a much more charming option than having your odd bridesmaid out walk alone. If you are having your bridesmaids and groomsmen enter together as well as leave (a less traditional option that's been gaining in popularity), you can have them come in that way as well. If the groomsmen will already be waiting by the altar when the bridesmaids enter, the odd numbers won't be noticeable then anyway.

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