How to Avoid Honeymoon Mishaps

Here's how to deal if you find yourself in a jam abroad.
by the knot

Every pair of newlyweds deserves a perfect honeymoon, but sometimes the fates just do not cooperate. Here's how to handle some common honeymoon mishaps -- or avoid the trouble altogether!

You Lose Your Passport

Before you travel, make copies of your passport. Leave one copy in your room, keep one in your pocket, and give another to a friend or family member at home. You won't be able to leave the country without an actual passport, but a copy might make getting a new one a lot smoother.

If your passport is lost or stolen, go to the US Consulate as soon as possible (find one at

You Get Sick

Falling ill in a foreign country can be scary. If you're seriously sick, don't hesitate to go to the hospital; your hotel should be able to get help the quickest. If you don't need emergency treatment but could still use some meds, use a guidebook to translate and write down your symptoms, and then head to a pharmacy. Hand the paper to the pharmacist -- you don't want to take a chance mispronouncing your maladies.

If you're traveling to an exotic locale, lessen the chances of getting sick by obtaining the appropriate vaccinations and medications. Before you go, research recommended vaccinations through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( and visit your doctor two months in advance to get the right meds.

You Get Lost

If you're in a city and you've lost your way, don't panic. Your best bet is to look for or ask directions to a major road. A city's mass transit usually runs along busier streets, so if you can't spot a subway or metro stop, just wait for a city bus to drive by. Take it to the next stop and check the bus map to get your bearings and find your way.

You Miss Your Flight Home

An extra day's vacation isn't always a blessing. If you've missed your flight, talk to an airline representative right away and call your hotel to put a room on hold in case you won't be able to fly out that day. If your flight was canceled and you find yourself in line with everyone else who was supposed to be on your plane, the airlines may pay for your room (but you probably won't get to pick where you stay), but you should reserve a room at your hotel just in case to guarantee you won't be stranded.

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