Wedding Family Matters: What To Do If Parents Want Traditional Wedding?


I'm getting married next June. My parents want us to have a traditional wedding, but we definitely don't. We want a simple wedding -- city hall and dinner, that's it! What should we do?


It's absolutely true that it's your wedding and you should do it the way you want -- but keep in mind that it's a big day for your parents too. Your mom in particular has probably been dreaming about your wedding day for even longer than you have, so you don't want to disappoint her completely. Take your parent's opinion into consideration, especially if they're paying for -- or helping to pay for -- the wedding. If you're set on a city hall wedding and dinner, maybe you can do that and then have a church ceremony and reception with the works the next day. Or maybe you're willing to nix the judge and have a minister marry you, as long as you get the intimate reception. Sit down together and try to decide what's most important to everyone, then see if you can't come up with a game plan that everyone can live with.

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