Wedding Guest Attire: Let Wedding Guests Know to "Dress Warm and Casual"?

Q: We are having a late January wedding in Arizona. The reception is outside in the middle of the desert, and there will be a hayride. What do I put on the wedding invitations to let people know to dress warmly (it will be rather chilly) and casually?

A: It's not really the kind of info to put in a wedding invitation, so instead, include it in one of your less formal wedding mailings. This kind of info is perfect for a save-the-date card; if its too late for those, try and send out a mailing a week or so before the wedding, giving guests last-minute details about the site, transportation, and the fact that it might get cool in the evening. It can just be a "We're so glad you're coming!" kind of letter, letting guests know what to expect and what they'll be most comfortable wearing.

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