Wedding Engagement: How to Acquaint Parents of the Bride and Groom?


Should the groom's parents invite the bride's parents to dinner upon learning of the engagement?


Traditionally, yes—the groom's parents "call on" the bride's parents after their son tells them he's getting hitched. That means they either drop them a note or make a phone call to make plans to get together, which can mean dinner or drinks at their home, dinner and drinks out, a weekend trip to the town where they live, or whatever they're most comfortable with. But it's also totally acceptable for the bride's parents to make the first move, or for the couple to arrange a group gathering to get everyone acquainted.

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I am planning to marry next year. My father passed away recently. I want to acknowledge and thank him, not necessarily as part of the wedding ceremony but perhaps at the wedding reception. Is there a classy way to do this that will not put the reception on a low key or depress wedding guests? Also, I have asked my uncle, the only surviving member of my father's family, to give me away. Is this all right, or should I have asked my mother or no one at all?

by The Knot2 min read