Wedding Ceremony: How to Include Children in Wedding Ceremony?

by The Knot

I am a single mom, and my fiance and I would like to have my son (soon to be our son) participate in the wedding ceremony, not just as a ring bearer, but in a more significant role to signify the joining of a family. Any ideas?


Many couples with kids choose to say "family vows" after they say their marriage vows. You and your fiance will exchange rings, and then the officiant will call your son to stand between you. The two of you might say vows to him -- which you can write yourselves or with your officiant's help -- about how the three of you are a family now. Your fiance might promise to care for and love your son as his father. Then you might present your son with a special gift from the two of you: a watch with an engraved message on the back is a nice idea, so he'll always remember the special role he played, and that it was "his" wedding, too.

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