Wedding Accessories: How to Make a Wedding Veil Work With Headpiece?


I want to wear a tiara, but I don't want to have my wedding veil cover my entire head (and my hair, which will be pretty elaborate). Is it possible to have the wedding veil start at the back of my head, or does it have to come from the tiara in the front of my head?


There are many ways to combine a wedding veil and tiara, depending on how you wear your hair. After you've selected your headpiece , work with a stylist to determine how it will sit on your head. Most tiaras have bendable frames that can wrap around a bun, chignon, or fancy updo. If you decide to wear your tresses down, the tiara can simply rest on the top or at the back of your head. Then when selecting a wedding veil, choose one that is attached to its own comb, so it doesn't have to come out directly from your headpiece. You can wear the veil right behind the tiara or secure it to the back of your head, away from the headpiece. Another option is to attach the wedding veil and tiara with fabric hook-and-loop closures. Either way, you'll have the option of removing your veil after the wedding ceremony. Keep in mind that you don't have to cover up: You can always skip the veil altogether -- many tiaras (and hairstyles) are beautiful and elaborate enough that they can stand alone.

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