Bridesmaids: How to Monogram Their Gifts?


I'm planning to give my bridesmaids silver cuff bracelets as bridesmaid gifts and I would like to have their initials engraved on them. What is the proper order for engraving initials: first, middle, and then last? Or does the last name initial go in the middle? They are all unmarried too -- does that make a difference?


There are several ways you can do this, and all are perfectly acceptable. The most traditional and historic monogram is the first initial of the person's first and middle names to the left and right of their last name initial. In this case, the initial in the middle should be slightly larger than the other two letters so as to indicate a last name. You may also list their initials in order (first name, middle name, last name) with each letter the same size. Or, simply put the first letter of their first name by itself. Design the monograms whatever way you like; you may even want to mix it up and do a different typeface for each girl, depending on their personality.

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