Honeymoon: How to Pack for Honeymoon?


I'm a little bit of a product junkie, and I know I'm not going to be able to handle heading out on our honeymoon without every last bit of makeup I could possibly want. My fiance's already joking about my "second suitcase," but I'm kind of cringing at carrying quite so much. Is there any easy way to stash my stuff without weighing down the plane?


There are a few different tactics you can use to save space -- and save face -- when you travel. First, even though they're not very chic, sealing sandwich baggies should be your new best friend. Use snack-size baggies to transport a week's supply of facial cleansing cloths. Another baggie-essential: coat Q-Tips in your must-wear eyeshadows, and Ziploc-'em-up for single-use eye colors (sans compact). If you use lots of different creams and lotions, but only apply a dab or two a day, pick up a multi-compartment pillbox -- you can squirt a different one in each section (just try to remember that 'M' actually means 'concealer'). For stuff that you can't shrink down (like your shampoo and conditioner), find mini-size bottles that'll hold a week's worth of suds. Lastly, if you find yourself trawling department stores' makeup counters anytime soon, pick up a handful of samples. These super-mini-size product servings are ideal to take on a trip.

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