Bridal Shower: How to Plan a Wedding Shower?

Q: Exactly how do you plan a bridal shower? What does a wedding shower consist of?

A: The shower is a party for the bride and her closest female relatives and friends, where she is "showered" with love, good wishes, and gifts. A shower can take place six months before the wedding, the week before, or any time in between. It can be a surprise for the bride, or not. Almost every detail is up to you. Once you've decided when the shower will be, establish a planning schedule. Divvy up tasks like getting and sending invitations, doing decorations, and menu planning. Brainstorm as a team about the overall party -- themes, locations, and entertainment -- early in the planning process. You can plan anything from a tea party at a hotel to a barbecue in someone's backyard or an afternoon at a spa; think about what the bride will enjoy most. Eating, chatting, and gift-opening are primary shower activities. You'll also want to have background music (in keeping with the theme, if appropriate) and a few planned activities (simple games will do).Get more inspirational bridal shower ideas.

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by The Knot