Q&A: Wedding Stationery: How to Send Prewedding Thanks?

Q: Soon after announcing our engagement, we began receiving our first gifts. I know that we will order thank-you notes along with our invitations, so they'll be coordinated, but what type of notecard is most appropriate to use before the wedding? I had little cards with just our first names printed on them, but I just read that it is not appropriate for our names to be engraved together until after we are wed. Should thank-you notes to my friends and family go on my own stationery, while those to his side on his stationery?

A: Especially if you're planning on using a monogram, you want to use your maiden name on any arly notes. But there's no reason why both your first names on them would be inappropriate -- you both want to thank guests for engagement gifts, right? They are fine to use. If it makes you feel better, it's totally fine to each use your own stationery and send notes to the people you know best. Or use some pretty notes in classic cream paper. Really, it's up to you.

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My fiance and I are getting married in Maui and know that not all the 200 guests we would like to invite will make it. When we come back home, we are going to have a reception for everyone not able to make the trip. I've read that when getting married away and returning home to a reception, you should only send out wedding invitations to those you know can and will attend the wedding, then send out separate invitations for the reception. We both feel very strongly about sending invitations to everyone and then including (at the bottom) that a reception will be held in our honor when we return. We are afraid that if we follow etiquette, we will hurt people's feelings. Do we follow the rules or do what we feel is right?

by The Knot