Heard Of The Anti-Wedding Invite? (#Yikes)

by Simone Hill

The burning etiquette question on our Wedding Etiquette message board right now: How do you tell someone they're not invited to your wedding?

The short answer? You don't — unless it comes up.

We get it. It's not that easy. You're hanging out after work on Friday with a group of friends and you realize that two of the five of them aren't on your guest list. Even worse, one of your invited friends starts talking about your wedding in front of the group. And that's when the options start running through your head. You think, should I…

A) Invite them right then and there (even if it means going over budget or worse, risking your guests won't fit in your reception space)?

B) Avoid the conversation at all costs and ignore any mention of the wedding?

C) Put down your cocktail and run out the door?

The truth is that if you feel awkward about telling your non-invited friend she's not on the list, then she does too. In other words, leave it alone. Change the subject and move on. Think of it as a good excuse to take a break from wedding talk anyway. It doesn't have to be awkward or uncomfortable.

If in the (rare) occurrence, a non-invited friend asks you point blank whether they're invited to your wedding, then tell them the truth (be it because of budget or space constraints).

But whatever you do, don't put it in writing!

Want to weigh in? Join the conversation on our Etiquette board.

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