Wedding Child Attendants: How Young Is Too Young for a Flower Girl?


Is a 2-1/2-year-old too young to be a flower girl? Both her parents are in the wedding party, which I believe would make it easier on her.


There is really no age limit because maturity levels can vary greatly from child to child. Some people tend not to incorporate children quite so young in their ceremonies because their actions can be, well, unpredictable. But others find it adds a charming touch when their precious flower girl decides to chomp on a few rose petals rather than throw them. If you're worried about how the flower girl will act at your wedding, you'd be better off choosing a child who is a few years older. If you're going to choose a toddler, though, it's always best if she can set her sights on Mom and Dad up at the altar and walk toward them. It'll definitely make things easier if her parents are both in the wedding party. You could also have her walk down the aisle holding her mom's hand during the processional, or even have her dad walk with them and meet the other groomsmen up at the altar. You may also want to make sure that when your little petal-tosser is done with her aisle walk she sits with an assigned relative (grandma and grandpa?) for the remainder of the ceremony. Just trust your instincts, and whatever you choose will be fine.

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