Honeymoon: Adventurous Honeymoon Ideas?


My fiance and I are both outdoor sports lovers and want an adventurous honeymoon that will also afford us some downtime. Do you have any ideas?


What could be sexier than working up a sweat with your sweetie on your honeymoon? If you're trying to plan the perfect outdoor adventure, go for an activity that gets your hearts pumping, your cheeks thoroughly flushed -- and that has you racing back to your room for some equally rigorous indoor sports. If you're marrying during snow-bunny season, spend a week skiing in Aspen, where after nightfall you can relax by the fire in one of the town's cozy inns. If la dolce vita is your thing, cycle or backpack together through Tuscany's rolling countryside, and spend the evenings in a rented farmhouse surrounded by lush vineyards. If diving is your dream, swim with the fishes in the turquoise waters of the Caymans, and then lounge away the rest of the day on the sandy white beach. And if you're attracted to the depth and beauty of the mountains, head to Montana's Glacier National Park, where you can hike through some of the country's most beautiful bear country and go whitewater rafting on the body of water that had Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon reeling in The River Wild. After all that activity, you'll be content to head back to your cozy log cabin on Whitefish Lake.

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