Bridesmaids: Including My Sorority Sisters as Honorary Maids?


In college I was very close to my sorority sisters, and I still am. I obviously could not ask every one of them to be in the wedding, so I've come up with an alternative: They'll be honorary bridesmaids. I would like to enclose a special card in their invitations that they will present at the church. They will each be given a red rose (our sorority flower) and sit in special pews marked with blue and gold ribbons. I would also like to have the program mention them and have a group picture taken. My maid of honor/wedding coordinator hates the idea (she was not in my sorority, although three of my bridesmaids were). What do you think?


It's great that you had such a good sorority experience that you're still close to many of these women and that you want to honor them in such a big way at your wedding. Frankly, it doesn't matter what your MOH thinks, as long as you like the idea. It sounds like you want to move forward with your plans, but concern about your best friend's feelings is making you hesitate. Don't let her make up your mind for you, but do take the time to give her a bit of TLC. She may be feeling left out because she wasn't a part of the sorority. Let her know that you chose her for the most honored position because she is your closest friend, but it's really important to you to recognize your sisters in this way, and you hope she'll be okay with it.

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