Wedding Style: Incorporating A Touch of Wedding Color in an All-White Wedding?


I've always dreamed of a totally white wedding. These days, though, all of my friends are using wedding colors. I want our wedding to be mod and stylish, but I want to focus on white wedding details. Is there a subtle way I can include


There is something dramatic about an all-white wedding -- so if you want one, you certainly should not feel any less trendy than your friends. If you do choose to explore color options, it's absolutely appropriate to use small splashes of color throughout the day. This can be as soft as adding khaki, platinum, or wheat colors to a whitewashed wedding ensemble -- subtle color will naturally blend in with the whites or ivories of your gown, cake, linens, and lighting. For example, platinum bridesmaid dresses, silver ribbon on the invitations, and silver candleholders as part of centerpieces will dress up a white wedding but won't detract from the overall mood of purity, innocence, or elegance you want to achieve. Or, get vivacious by dotting elements with red, lavender, or lime green. If you happen to choose a color such as red, which would really stand out in a sea of white, you could include it in a conservative manner so as to maintain the same formality of your wedding. For example, adorn an all-white wedding cake with cherries instead of a cascade of red roses; line your invitation envelopes with red tissue instead of opting for red engraved script; and include hypericum berries in the all-white bouquets. Do whatever feels true to you both -- just remember, while subtle spots of color can be alluring, an all-white wedding speaks volume too.

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