Wedding Ceremony: How Do We Incorporate Interfaith Wedding Traditions Into Our Wedding Ceremony?


We are having a Jewish-Catholic wedding with a priest and a rabbi. Which wedding traditions are most easily incorporated into the ceremony? I am familiar with Jewish wedding traditions but need help with Catholic wedding traditions, as I would like to make my future husband's family comfortable.


Talk to both your fiance's family and your officiants. There are plenty of parts of the Catholic mass that you can incorporate into your ceremony -- the readings, the "peace be with you" handshake. But there are others that the priest may not agree to include or may want to modify, such as communion. You'll get the most accurate information by speaking directly to the priest. And your fiance's family can fill you in on what they would like to see in the ceremony. If you feel uncomfortable broaching the subject with them, ask your fiance to talk with them about it.

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