10 Inspired Wedding Gift Ideas

Going to a wedding and don't know what to get the lucky couple? Pick a great gift from our list of inspired ideas for 10 couple personality types.
by Amy Levin-Epstein

Coffee lovers

A coffeemaker is a perennial perfect gift, but the sleek Senseo model ($70; Senseo.com) gives gift-giving a real jolt: It makes one or two custom cups of coffee from easy-to-pop-in pods -- and creates a delicious layer of froth on top of each brew, just like you would get in a chic coffee bar.

Gourmet gurus

Grilled cheese gets a little more chi-chi with Krups panini maker ($80; Williams-Sonoma.com). This elegant chrome device can also create a variety of delectable desserts such as bittersweet chocolate panino in no time, uh, flat. Plus, it doubles as a grill for standard meats and veggies.

Spa junkies

Create a deluxe kit to pamper your favorite pair. Start with a top-of-the-line Sonicare Elite 7500 Power Toothbrush ($140; Sonicare.com) and load up on delicious bath products from The Thymes Limited such as bath salts, body scrub, and foaming bath gel (about $40; Thymes.com), a soothing music CD such as Feng Shui Tune Up ($15.98), and cute "Mr." & "Mrs." towels from The Knot Gift Store & Registry ($76).


Newlyweds can tote the tiny Philips digital camera key ring ($120; Philips.com) just about anywhere on the honeymoon. It hooks directly into a USB port on a laptop, so they can download images right in the hotel room. Pictures in a snap!


Customize a Staying-in Kit: Stock a pretty box with a beautiful monogrammed wool Esperanza blanket from Garnet Hill ($138; GarnetHill.com), add some DVDs (you can't go wrong with Chocolat or Casablanca , both about $16), a scented Bamboo Musk candle from YC by Yankee Candle ($13; YankeeCandle.com), and a creme brulee set for cozy snacking. This romantic dessert set by Bonjour ($35) from The Knot Gift Store & Registry comes with four ramekins, a recipe book, and butane torch for creating the yummy topping.

Outdoorsy types

Yes, hiking gear can be romantic -- especially for nature lovers. The Kelty Eclipse Double-Wide sleeping bag ($100; REI.com) accommodates two people comfortably, helping keep campfires burning all night long. Add a "midnight snack pack" with s'more fixins and trail mix (though food might not be the first thing on their minds).

Neat freaks

The Dyson Telescope canister vacuum ($499; LNT.com) is the ultimate cleaning machine. Its sturdy yellow design is cute


packs a wallop of cleaning power (cyclonic technology creates powerful suction), while a telescoping wand gets into all the nooks and crannies.

Wine lovers

Ever enjoy a wonderful wine and then forget what it was come time to buy again at the liquor store? Meadowsweet Kitchen's nifty wine journal ($20; 800-877-8312) comes with wine label removers that allow you to peel off and re-stick your labels, with space to record all the delicious details. An oenophile tool kit ($25) from The Knot Gift Store & Registry contains all the essentials -- from the corkscrew to the wine stopper -- for budding connoisseurs.

Grill masters

Does their outdoor barbecue get a workout? Get them a 3-piece BBQ set from OXO Good Grips ($34.99; Oxo.com). This well-crafted stainless steel set includes a turner, tongs, and fork. Extra-long handles with comfy grips keep the cook away from flames ensuring years of good grilled eats.

Couple that has everything

Most couples register for top-of-the-line cutlery but haven't a clue how to use the tricky sharpening steel. The Chef's Choice SteelPro 470 electric knife sharpener ($39.95; EdgeCraft.com) hones the perfect edge. A sharp gift for a have-it-all couple.

-- Colleen Brewer

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