These Instagram #WeddingCats Will Brighten Your Day

Need a smile? These felines have you covered. Bonus: They love weddings.
by Julia Naftulin
Cat in a bow tie

While dogs are man's best friend, cats are actually that elusive yet fabulously nit-picky wedding planner you've always wanted. To prove this point, here are some of our favorite #WeddingCats from Instagram.

This Shoe-Loving Feline

A pet that listens to all of your problems and shares your love of shoes? There's nothing better.

This Flower Snob

A boy who loves flowers as much as I do 😻 #catsofinstagram #roses #eucalyptus #weddingcat #yyc

A post shared by Evelyn Clark (@evelynclarkweddings) on

“Are you sure you want these ones, Mom?"

This Emotional Companion

Кое кто тоже хотел быть красивым;)))😽😽😽

A post shared by Мария Гавриленко (@maria__gavrilenko) on

Cats have wedding day feels too.

This Trusty Helper

Who needs a human ring bearer when you can have a fluffy one instead?

This Bewildered Kitty

🐈 #aidariphone #wedding #weddingcat #cat #funnycat

A post shared by Aidar Stepanov (@aidar_stepanov) on

That moment you realize your human is married and you're no longer her top priority.

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