Wedding Family Matters: Do I Have to Invite Stepmother and Stepsister to Wedding?

by The Knot

My father recently remarried but told me two weeks after their wedding. I now have a stepmother and a stepsister, both of whom I'm not very fond of. I would love my father to attend my wedding, but do I have to invite his new wife and stepdaughter?


Because your dad didn't tell you he had remarried until two weeks after it happened, it's understandable that you wouldn't feel the need to be supergracious to him. Still, standing firm in not inviting his new family to your wedding is probably not the answer. That's only going to cause bad blood between you and your dad and these other two people who, like it or not, are now your relatives. Why not be a bigger person and invite them all. If they come, great -- it's not like you have to sit and talk to them all day. You'll be busy enough; just say a kind hello and go about your business. And you'll avoid a confrontation with your dad if you just invite them and don't make it an issue.

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