Wedding Guest List: Invite Ex In-Laws to the Wedding?

by The Knot

Do I invite my ex parents-in-law to my wedding? We became very close after my divorce, and they are loving grandparents to my 6-year-old. But their son, my ex, is a total jerk (they freely admit this and don't speak to him now), and I am afraid they may feel uncomfortable around my new family and old relatives that hate their son. What to do?


Especially if it will comfort your child to have his or her grandparents at the wedding, it's totally acceptable to invite your ex in-laws. The matter of whether they will be comfortable is up to them. You might want to talk to them about it before you send out the invites. Tell them you would really love to have them there for you and your child at the wedding and that your continued relationship with them means a lot to you, but you understand that they might feel awkward about it. Let them think about it and make their own decision. As far as your relatives who hate their son, it's hard to imagine they also hate your child's grandparents. They're not going to be outwardly nasty to these people at your wedding.

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