Wedding Guest List: Invite Co-Workers to Wedding Without Guests?

Q: I'm a teacher, and I would love to invite my close group of colleagues to my wedding. But we can't afford to have all their families come too. I also don't want them to feel like they need to give us gifts. What is the proper etiquette for inviting a group of people rather than a family?

A: In these situations, the best policy is honesty. Let your work friends know that you can't afford to invite them with their spouses or children, but you would love for them to come to your wedding as a group. Talk to each colleague separately about it, or bring it up at lunch. As far as gifts, it's fine to let them know you don't expect anything, but realize that at least some of them may still want to give you a present -- and you should, of course, accept them gratefully.

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by The Knot