Wedding Guest List: Invite Coworker's Kids to the Wedding?


I am planning on inviting several people from work to my wedding. Most of my coworkers have grown children, but one has two elementary-age kids. There will be other children at my wedding, but they're family. Do I invite the children, whom I've never met, or do I force my coworker to find a baby-sitter?


It's doubtful your colleague would expect you to invite his or her children to your wedding, unless you did know them, and fairly well at that. But it's really up to you. If there will be other kids there, your coworker's kids won't feel uncomfortable. But that still doesn't mean you have to invite them. How your coworker deals with attending your wedding (getting a baby-sitter, etc.) is up to him or her, so you shouldn't feel like you are forcing his or her hand if you don't invite the entire family.

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