Wedding Guest List: Invite Coworkers to the Wedding?

Q: In an attempt to keep our wedding guest list down, I do not plan on inviting my boss or any of my coworkers. I know my coworkers will be fine with this, but I am concerned that my boss will take it as a personal snub. I'm not very close with this person, yet I'm worried about my working environment when I return from the honeymoon. Any advice?

A: You are under no obligation to invite your boss, or anyone for that matter, to your wedding. To avoid any false expectations or hurt feelings, make it known to your coworkers and boss alike that your wedding is going to be limited to family and close friends only. The fact that no one from work is being invited will help everyone, especially your boss, from feeling excluded. It would also probably be smart to keep wedding talk in the workplace to a minimum.

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