Wedding Guest List: Invite Coworkers from Office Shower to the Wedding?


My coworkers are throwing me a shower at the office. Do I have to invite everyone from work to the wedding if they come to the shower?


In a word: No. Although standard etiquette dictates that everyone who's invited to a shower thrown by your family or wedding party also be invited to your wedding, a coworker-organized shower is an entirely different sort of animal. Since you didn't select the guest list (and it's likely that everybody in your office or division was invited) it's not as if you're soliciting gifts from these people now only to snub them later. And if your coworkers are clued-in to social norms they won't expect to be invited to the wedding simply because they were included in an office-wide shower. But if you suspect that some of your colleagues are anticipating wedding invites (but aren't on your A list), then find a chance at the office shower to mention that budget concerns have forced you to keep the guest list on the small-to-medium side, or that size restrictions at your venue are preventing you from inviting as many people as you'd like.

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