Wedding Guest List: Invite Single Guest to Wedding Who Won't Know Anyone?


I have a good friend from graduate school that I want to invite to my wedding. But I'm worried she won't have a good time. She's single, and I will be the only person there that she knows. It would be one thing if we were having a lot of other unattached guests, but pretty much all our other friends are paired off. Still, she knows about the wedding, so I don't want to hurt her feelings. What should I do?


Because you're close to her and she knows about the wedding, she should definitely be on your invite list -- leave it up to her to decide whether it's something that she would enjoy. However, if you'll really be the only person she knows (and you'll be pretty tied up the whole time), you should consider inviting her with a guest. If most of your friends are already coupled off, you won't have as much of an "unknown guest factor" anyway, so one more person probably won't hurt. It may be the best way to make both of you feel comfortable about it.

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