Wedding Reception Etiquette: Champagne Toast a Must?

by The Knot

My husband-to-be and I do not drink wine or champagne. Do we still have to supply bottles on each reception table for the wedding toasts?


The debate about whether to serve alcohol at a wedding reception is ongoing. Here's our take: If you and your husband don't drink and feel strongly about not serving alcohol at your wedding, you are certainly not required to do so. However, providing a glass of something bubbly for your guests to toast with would be nice, even if it's just sparkling grape juice. If you are not opposed to your wedding guests drinking but are more worried about the cost of supplying several bottles, try this: when toasting time comes, have servers bring around trays of pre-poured glasses of champagne rather than putting bottles on individual tables. This is a more common practice -- if your guests want a refill, they can just signal the waitstaff.

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