Wedding Food & Drink: Is a Vegetarian Reception Meal Okay?


My fiance and I are strict vegetarians (vegan) and we don't drink. I spoke to my mom about having a non-alcoholic vegetarian wedding reception and she couldn't believe I would even consider such a thing. I don't know why she was so surprised -- I've been a vegetarian and an animal-rights activist for 10 years! What is your opinion? Is it feasible?


Sure it is. The key to making it work is keeping your wedding guests in mind. There are plenty of yummy vegetarian meals that meat-eaters will love, so it's a matter of being creative and generous with your menu to ensure any guests who are wary of the concept will feel included and welcomed to chow down! It depends on your wedding guest list, too -- would you consider offering a fish or chicken dish for those who, for whatever reason, really can't "stomach" a strict vegetarian menu? (In the same way that most meat-eaters often offer a vegetarian option at their receptions.) Find a good wedding caterer and work with him or her to put together a balanced meal that everyone can enjoy. And make sure that the site you decide to use for the reception will let you bring in the caterer of your choice, or that the on-site wedding caterer is willing to do a vegetarian meal -- and is good at it. All that said, it's absolutely acceptable for you to want to do a non-alcoholic vegetarian reception -- it's your wedding and your lifestyle, so the day should reflect it. Just keep the "hosting your guests" aspect in mind, and be sure that everything you're serving them -- food and drink -- is delectable.

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