Bachelorette Party: Is It Proper to Have a Bachelorette Party?


My mother says that nice girls do not have bachelorette parties because of what may happen on that particular night. Is it proper for women to celebrate the last night of singlehood by having a bachelorette party? Men do it and have far raunchier, beer-driven bachelor parties than we would!


If the groom gets to celebrate the end of singlehood, why shouldn't the bride? You're both at a turning point in your lives, and there's every reason to go out with your friends for one last blast. You might point out to your mom that going out for dinner and drinks, to a comedy club, or to a day spa with your friends is not at all shameful or dangerous. It's not as if you don't hang out with them like that already, right? Just assure her that a bachelorette party doesn't have to be a drunken night at the local strip joint or dive bar. Then go out and have fun!

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