Relationship Rx: Is Love Enough in a Relationship?


I just realized that my fiance and I don't agree about anything -- money, kids, etc. We love each other, and want to be together more than anything, but is love really enough? I'm depressed about all this fighting. What do you think?


Whoa, take a look down -- you've just been hit with a major case of cold feet! A lot of people go through a period of time after they're engaged when everything seems totally overwhelming. Each fight seems like the end of the world, like all of the sudden you're engaged to a stranger. Time to slow down and take a good look at who you are engaged to! These are very big issues that have come up, but are they really as cut and dried as you described? Maybe there is room for compromise (the big "C"). So is love enough? Probably not. But it sounds like you are panicking, and you might want to try to work these issues out before you even think about calling off the wedding. You may realize that there's hope after all!

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