Jen & Rex: A Magical Proposal Leads to a Fawn Lake Wedding

by Allison Micarelli

Jen Rogers had no idea was what in store for her that day. After eating a picnic dinner by the water and splitting a bottle of wine under a blanket with her boyfriend, Rex Wildey, he suggested they go for a midnight walk on the beach.

THE BRIDE Jen Rogers, 27, an event planner
THE GROOM Rex Wildey, 26, a graduate student
THE SCENE Ceremony and reception at the Fawn Lake Country Club, Spotsylvania

But then, something happened that not even a romantic like Rex could have planned. A shooting star lit up the sky and Jen shouted, "Quick! Make a wish!" She remembers, "He closed his eyes and made a wish. Then he kissed my forehead and got down on one knee."

The couple had to plan their Virgina wedding long-distance from California. Since the proposal occurred only days before Thanksgiving, they allowed themselves some chill time through the holidays and started planning the day after the New Year. "I went to Virginia and planned everything in six days," says Jen. "Everything just came together. I didn't go back to Virginia until two weeks before the wedding."

The ceremony and reception took place at Fawn Lake, where her parents live. The ceremony unfolded by the lake at 2:30 in the afternoon. "We didn't decorate a thing because we wanted to focus on what we were doing there and the natural beauty of it all," says Jen. The only accents: the light pink roses and pink hydrangea in the bouquets. Jen's brother, Jim, walked her down the aisle, holding her hand the whole way. The traditional Christian ceremony was officiated by a friend of the groom's. "Chuck did such a great job-we were his first wedding!" says Jen.

At the reception, a buffet dinner was served at the Fawn Lake Country Club. Tables with minimal decoration made the wedding feel relaxed and carefree. The one aspect of the day that Jen and Rex were sure to pay close attention to was the music.

"Con te Partiro" by Andrea Bocelli was chosen for the bride's processional because the couple heard the song at their favorite Italian restaurant on their first date. The wedding party entered the reception to the theme song from Chariots of Fire, because, says Jen, "we wanted everyone to know we hadn't lost our sense of humor." And they chose "Run" by George Strait for their first dance. "We listened to it over and over on a trip to Texas," says Jen. "That's when we knew we had something special. It became our song."

-Allison Micarelli
photography © Jennifer Domenick

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