The Two Keys to Fitness Success

You are on a bridal fitness journey. Along the way, you’re going to receive a ton of advice. Often, my brides will ask me to boil it down and outline just a couple of tips that will help them reach their goals. I’m going to give you the two most important things you’ll ever need to know on your bridal fitness journey (and beyond). If you hold true to these two keys, you will be successful.
by The Knot

Key 1: Attitude

Negativity is destructive. Just a single negative thought can quickly consume you and bring you down. Instead, focus on small wins. Compliment yourself every day. Stay positive and have a can-do approach to your goals.

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Key 2: Consistency

Accept this fact: You're going to want to skip a workout at some point, or cheat on your diet, or even quit altogether. That future person -- the one who wants to quit -- is not who you really are. Understand this and keep up with the workouts, the goal-setting activities and the supportive eating habits. Do it even if it hurts and even if you hate it at times. These three components have to work together in order for you to succeed.

The Bottom Line:
With attitude and consistency, you'll be successful in reaching your fitness goals. You won't just have a fabulous wedding, you'll have gone through a life-changing experience.

Doug Rice

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