25 Crazy Fun Kitchen Gadgets You Should Register For

Registering for gifts doesn't have to be boring. From a pair of onion goggles to a battery-powered salt and pepper grinder, check out these 25 kitchen gadgets worth adding to your registry.
by Sarah Newell
  1. Cooking Goggles

    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Knot

    You won't shed a tear while chopping onions if you're wearing a pair of these guys. Just take them off before the in-laws show up.

    Onion goggles, $20 each, BroadwayPanhandler.com

  2. A Two-Tiered Potato Masher

    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Knot

    Lumps? Not a chance. Get some serious smashing action with this souped-up potato masher.

    Double-action potato masher, $11, CrateandBarrel.com

  3. A Ball Whisk

    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Knot

    Whether you're whipping up delicious custard or making alfredo sauce, you'll need a good whisk to mix every ingredient evenly. This weighted ball whisk has more flexibility than a traditional whisk, so it can reach every angle of a pan or bowl. Better yet, the open-pronged feature makes it simple to clean.

    WMF Profi Plus 12-inch stainless-steel ball whisk, $25, Amazon.com

  4. A Silicone Pastry Mat (Slash Cheat Sheet)

    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Knot

    Get your kneading on with this silicone-surface mat that'll guide you through rolling out the most perfectly shaped pie crusts, biscuits and more.

    R&M silicone pastry mat, $27, Amazon.com

  5. Battery-Powered Salt and Pepper Mills

    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Knot

    A battery-operated mill with a lifetime warranty -- that’s pretty great.

    Peugeot Elis Sense salt and pepper mills, $130 each, Williams-Sonoma.com

  6. A Wine Chiller “Corkcicle”

    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Knot

    Keep a chilled bottle of white wine cold for an hour with this gigantic frozen icicle. Freeze the BPA-free plastic icicle ahead of time, and then when you’re ready, pop the frozen icicle into a bottle of chilled white or room-temperature red wine to start the cooling process.

    Corkcicle, $25, Corkcicle.com

  7. Silicone Measuring Cups

    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Knot

    These cups are ideal for sticky foods like peanut butter and shortening.

    Casabella silicone measuring cups, $20 for set of 4, Amazon.com

  8. A Milk Carton Holder

    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Knot

    This is your saving grace if someone in your household can’t stand condensation -- or someone in your household just likes handles (a lot).

    Carton holder, $7, Amazon.com

  9. A Spoon Rest

    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Nest

    Toss your old-fashioned spoon rest and keep your counters drip-free with this new universal utensil clip. Attach the silicone and metal clip to the side of your pot and rest the spoon above the rim. This is really handy when you’re cooking in multiple pots at once and you don’t want to cross-contaminate your spoons.

    Trudeau utensil pot clip, $6, Amazon.com

  10. A Paper Towel Dispenser

    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Knot

    Here’s the solution to those wasted paper towel sheets that endlessly unravel: an electric dispenser that cuts your paper towel with the wave of a hand. It uses a regular paper towel roll and an LED light sensor to start and stop.

    CleanCut touchless paper towel dispenser, $100, Amazon.com

  11. A Soda Maker

    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Knot

    Quickly carbonate any beverage with a twist of the lid. This gadget doesn’t take up valuable counter space like other carbonators, and the reusable bottle eliminates the waste associated with purchasing soda.

    iSi North America Twist ’n Sparkle direct carbonator, $50, Cooking.com

  12. An Egg Cracker

    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Knot

    Never drop a piece of shell into your bowl again with this tool.

    Amco Houseworks egg cracker, $5, Amazon.com

  13. A Corn Desilker

    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Knot

    Remove any remaining silk from corn by sliding each cob through the bristles.

    Amco Houseworks corn desilker, $7, BedBathandBeyond.com

  14. A Pepper Prepper

    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Knot

    Pit and core a fresh pepper without breaking the shape of it -- perfect for making stuffed peppers.

    Amco Houseworks pepper prepper, $9, Amazon.com

  15. A Tea Infuser

    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Knot

    Fill the infuser with your favorite loose tea, place in a mug or kettle filled with hot water, and pull the tab to press the leaves and make perfectly brewed tea. It’s also dishwasher-safe!

    Tea infuser, $20, RosleUSA.com

  16. A Fast Can Opener

    Quickly opens a can in eight seconds flat.

    Electric can opener, $30, WestBend.com

  17. A Cake Decoration Pen

    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Knot

    This pen makes writing messages on a cake as easy as writing on paper!

    Browne USA Cuisipro deluxe decorating pen, $15, Amazon.com

  18. Measuring Cups

    For a fun twist on traditional measuring cups, register for this colorful set, with each one folding up into the next so the total width is about that of a finger.

    Chef’n SleekStor collapsible cup set, $15, BedBathandBeyond.com

  19. A Kitchen Timer

    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Knot

    This space-age-looking timer will change colors to let you know when there’s five minutes left and then blinks red when there’s only one minute left!

    Amco Houseworks Color Alert kitchen timers, $11, Amazon.com

  20. A Salad Spinner

    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Knot

    This one’s battery-operated, so all you do is toss in the lettuce and press start.

    Ergo salad spinner, $40, Sears.com

  21. A Butter Curler

    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Knot

    So, you’re hosting a fancy dinner or brunch (the holidays, perhaps?), and that mother-in-law who’s a stickler for all things formal is coming. Impress her (and your other guests too) with perfectly curled balls of butter.

    Westmark butter curler with nonstick coating, $19, Amazon.com

  22. A Soap Dispenser

    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Knot

    Kitchen cleaning items aren’t sexy, but they’re essential, so add a few to your registry. This new soap dispenser turns any liquid soap into foam -- making it last longer.

    Foam pump, available soon, Cuisipro.com

  23. A Banana Slicer

    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Knot

    We know what you’re thinking: Who the heck can’t slice a banana? But look, this thing cuts five slices per squeeze! You have to admit -- that’s pretty cool.

    Bananza banana slicer, $10, BedBathandBeyond.com

  24. An Avocado Scoop

    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Knot

    If you eat avocados all the time like we do (as in pretty much every other day), this cool gadget is fun and a great way to know you’re getting all the avocado out of its skin.

    Chef'n Flexicado avocado slicer, $6, Macys.com

  25. An Asparagus Peeler

    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Knot

    This utensil not only peels the asparagus for even cooking, but it also snips the tough ends. You can use it for green beans and sugar snap peas too!

    Progressive International asparagus peeler, $5, Amazon.com

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