30 Stunning Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings We Love

Our favorite lab-created diamond engagement rings and where to buy them.
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Updated Nov 30, 2023
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The famous slogan "A Diamond Is Forever" may have launched way back in 1948 (and diamonds are still the go-to gem for engagements) but an increasing number modern couples are opting for lab-grown diamond rings. According to The Knot 2021 Jewelry and Engagement Study, which surveyed over 5,000 engaged couples, 86% of engagement rings include a diamond center stone. The same survey also found nearly one in four of respondants purchased an engagement ring with a lab-grown center stone. TLDR; Lab-grown diamonds aren't just a passing fad, these high tech stones are here to stay.

Since their introduction, lab-grown diamonds have disrupted the way consumers approach diamond engagement rings for a few reasons: cost, environmental impact and ethical sourcing. Due to the rare and pricey nature of mined diamonds (depending on its quality, the average 1 carat natural diamond can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $25,000), opting for a natural stone can be cost prohibitive for those on a tight budget. Lab-grown diamonds, however, aren't nearly as expensive to create, and can cost anywhere from 20% to 50% less than their natural counterparts. Lab created stones also appeal to those searching for eco-friendly and ethically sourced jewelry. As the name implies, lab-grown diamonds are created by scientists and not mined from the earth, meaning they are always 100% ethically sourced and can have a smaller (though usually not invisible) carbon footprint. Want to know more? Check out a complete rundown on lab-grown diamonds here.

Below, we tapped the experts about how and where to buy a lab diamond engagement ring. And, we've rounded up some of our favorite lab-grown sparklers you can add to your cart right now.

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Where to Buy a Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

What was once considered experimental is now par for the course when it comes to exploring engagement ring options. While early iterations of lab-grown stones may have lacked some of the luster of their natural counterparts, the technology has evolved and clear frontrunners have emerged in the space. And despite early protests about the resources and energy required to grow diamonds in a lab, environmental strides have been (and continue to be) made.

Grown Brilliance: This lab-grown diamond brand is new to the scene—but is already making a splash. Offering both loose lab-grown diamonds, lab-grown diamond engagement rings, and lab-grown diamond jewelry, Grown Brilliance offers styles that run the gamut from simple to über-luxe. They also offer a bespoke program where you can design your ring with the help of an expert, either virtually or in person.

Brilliant Earth: If you're looking to design a ring from start to finish, Brilliant Earth is an excellent resource. You simply pick your preferred lab-grown diamond, select a setting from dozens of options, and finish off by choosing from white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum.

Blue Nile: Founded in 1990, Blue Nile is an established e-commerce destination for loose natural diamonds and diamond rings. It launched lab-grown diamond jewelry in 2020 with Lightbox (De Beers' lab-grown offshoot) and now offers both loose lab-grown diamonds, lab-grown engagement rings, and lab-grown diamond jewelry.

Ritani: Ritani is known for its large inventory of lab-grown diamonds in every cut and carat weight, as well as settings in a seemingly endless amount of styles. With price points starting at around $300 for a setting, Ritani's collection has something for every budget.

Vrai: Vrai came onto the scene in 2014 and was one of the first trendy jewelers to bring lab-grown diamonds into the mainstream. Their diamonds are sustainably grown in a zero-emission foundry in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, and they offer a variety of lab-grown diamond engagement rings, ranging from classic to edgy.

Shahla Karimi: This New York-based designer creates cutting-edge jewelry inspired by the art and architecture of the past. Shahla Karimi recently entered the lab-grown diamond engagement ring space in 2022 in collaboration with Aether, an American diamond lab and brand that creates stones from captured air pollution.

Oui by Jean Dousset: Known for upscale natural diamond engagement rings, Jean Dousset launched Oui by Jean Dousset, a lab-grown engagement ring collection in 2021. The line offers the same luxe craftsmanship of Jean Dousset, at a more accessible price point.

Shop Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Like their natural counterparts, lab-grown diamond rings now come in all styles—from classic solitaire settings to ornate, vintage-inspired designs. We've rounded up some of our faves on the market right now with every budget and taste in mind. While you're perusing these retailers, don't stop at the rings. Most lab-grown diamond brands have a wide range of offerings when it comes to bridal jewelry, bridesmaid gifts, or perhaps a stellar pair of earrings to mark an anniversary or similar milestone.

Brilliant Earth Secret Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

lab grown diamond engagement ring

You can't go wrong with a classic round diamond in a solitaire setting. Bonus: This one has a hidden halo, or a ring of diamonds that encircle the base of the center stone, for added bling.

The Future Rocks Wave Ring

Calling all fashionistas. This lab-grown engagement ring could not be cooler. This fresh, wavy style boasts a string of stones and is cast from recycled 18k gold.

Vrai The Classic Two-Tone Asscher Engagement Ring

lab grown diamond engagement ring

This two-tone style gives you the best of both worlds: White gold prongs amplify the colorless white diamond center stone, while the yellow gold band is right on trend.

Brilliant Earth 18K White Gold Ballad Hidden Floral Halo Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

emerald cut diamond ring with pave band

An emerald diamond in a solitaire setting is undeniably chic. This one features a pavé diamond band, so it sparkles from every angle.

Jean Dousset Chelsea Half-Moon Three Stone Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

round three stone engagement ring

Three stone rings are a sentimental choice that also bring the bling. Also called a trinity setting, the three stones represent your past, present and future with your partner. This round diamond one with half moon shaped side stones gives a storied design a trendy update.

Blue Nile Studio Petite French Pavé Crown Diamond Engagement Ring

lab grown diamond engagement ring

It's all in the details with this lab grown ring. A dazzling diamond pavé-encrusted hidden halo and band gives this otherwise simple solitaire style some extra pizazz.

Clean Origin Aria Ring

tapered engagement ring

Round diamond engagement rings aren't the only timeless option. This pared down tapered setting ehances the angular shape of a stunning pear shaped center stone.

Plum Diamonds Three Stone Diamond Ring

lab grown diamond engagement ring

This ring is thrice as nice. Two smaller round diamond side stones flank a larger center stone for a look that's equal parts extra and elegant.

Brilliant Earth 18K White Gold Waverly Hidden Halo Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

pear shaped pave engagement ring

It doesn't get more luxe than this. A juicy pear diamond center stone in a setting dripping in pavé diamonds is sure to turn heads.

Plum Diamonds Oval Diamond Ring

lab grown diamond engagement ring

Thanks to their flattering elongated shape, oval diamonds are quickly becoming one of the most popular diamond shapes. The best part about this of the moment lab grown style? Starting at under $1,500 for the setting, it won't break the bank to get in on this engagement ring trend.

Slate & Tell 1.5 Ct Round Lab Diamond & 0.14 Ctw Diamond Twisted Vine Engagement Ring

crossover pave engagement ring

Nothing about this ring is expected—and that's why we love it. From the unique twisted vine setting, to the round center diamond to the diamond pavé details, it's all about making a fashion-forward statement.

Charles & Colvard Oval Caydia Lab Grown Diamond Hidden Halo Solitaire Ring

lab grown diamond engagement ring

Sometimes less is more. This dainty oval diamond set on a delicate yellow gold band will stand the test of time. Another plus? A hidden halo that encircles the bottom of the center stone lends some understated shimmer to an otherwise minimalistic ring.

Oui by Jean Dousset Claire Emerald Three Stone Engagement Ring

lab grown diamond engagement ring

Take a cue from tastemakers like Beyonce, Amal Clooney and Victoria Beckham and opt for a megawatt engagement ring with an emerald-shaped diamond center stone. Baguette side stones take this three stone style to the next level.

Aether X Shahla Oval Wide Side Set Rivet Engagement Ring

oval side set engagement ring

An east-west setting (read: where the center stone is horizontally across your finger) can change up the feel of your engagement ring. This east-west oval center stone in a chunky yellow-gold design has a nontraditional, gender-neutral vibe.

Clean Origin Paloma Grand Ring

floral halo engagement ring

Hopeless romantics, this one's for you. A whimsical floral halo made of layered petals of lab-created diamonds is seriously swoon-worthy.

Clean Origin The Rosalie Toi et Moi Engagement Ring

lab grown diamond engagement ring

What's better than one diamond? Two. Toi et moi or two stone rings symbolize two souls coming together and can be customized with different stone shapes (like the pear shaped diamond and oval diamond pairing seen here) for an uber-personalized feel. What's not to love?

Charles & Colvard Round Caydia Lab Grown Diamond Signature Tapered Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring

lab grown diamond engagement ring

Pro tip: A sleek bezel setting like this one is a stylish and practical option if you have a more active lifestyle or work with your hands. A ring of metal encircles the center stone, which sits lower on the finger, protecting your diamond.

Ritani Bypass Micropavé Diamond Band Engagement Ring

lab grown diamond engagement ring

Intricate details give this bypass engagement ring a more contemporary vibe. Sparkling micropavé diamonds wrap around the setting for an asymmetrical look, while chevron side detailing adds even more visual appeal.

Emerald Lab-Grown Half Bezel Eternity Band

You heard it here first: Chunky engagement rings and wedding bands are making a serious comeback. This super-chic, thick band with emerald-cut lab-grown diamonds works as both a standalone ring and a stunning addition to your stack.

Liori Diamonds Pear Shape Petite Micropavé Wire Basket

lab grown diamond engagement ring

Bigger isn't always better. This dainty design with a micropavé diamond-encrusted band and basket put all of the focus on the pretty pear-shaped diamond center stone.

Clean Origin The Paige Engagement Ring

lab grown diamond engagement ring

Cluster settings were once considered outdated, but that's no longer the case. This sparkler blends a traditional center stone with cluster of sidestones. The final effect? A lab-grown engagement ring that's any boho bride's dream.

Brilliant Earth Platinum Twisted Vine Solitaire Engagement Ring

solitaire engagement ring with cable band

If you prefer your bling with a twist, this is the lab-grown ring for you. Braided motifs aren't just trendy, they can also represent the intertwining of two lives when applied to engagement rings.

Aether Ascent Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

unique diamond shaped engagement ring

Two words: Avant garde. If you're in the market for a lab grown engagement ring that feels totally one of a kind, we've got you covered. This center stone appears to hover above a diamond-encrusted setting for a futuristic effect.

Clean Origin The Auralie Engagement Ring

lab grown diamond engagement ring

Yes, queen. Nine lab-grown diamonds accent stones crown a bezel set pear shaped center stone for a regal feel.

Oui by Jean Dousset Colette Solitaire Engagement Ring

lab grown diamond engagement ring

In case you haven't heard, maximalism is in. Case in point, larger center stones in less ornate settings are right on trend. A thin white metal band puts all the focus on this striking radiant cut center stone.

Ritani Double French-set Diamond 'V' Engagement Ring

lab grown diamond engagement ring

Split shank settings this one are hot for a few reasons: they give your band twice the bling, they allow more light to hit your center stone for maximum sparkle and they feel less traditional than a plain band. This one puts all the focus on a brilliant oval diamond center stone.

Smiling Rocks Three Stone Engagement Ring

lab grown diamond engagement ring

Similar to Meghan Markle's iconic engagement ring, this three-stone stunner features three round diamonds and can be set in white, yellow, or rose gold. It's a totally elegant way to go for maximum bling.

The Art of Jewels 14K Yellow Gold Yonit Bezel Set Lab Grown Diamond Ring

Art Deco inspired engagement ring

Inspired by the Art Deco period, this ring is perfect for couples looking for an unexpected lab grown engagement ring with a rich history.

12Fifteen Diamonds Eave Kite Princess Cut Engagement Ring

lab grown diamond engagement ring

A modern take on the classic cut, this ring features a princess cut diamond set diagonally. The end result? A kite-shaped sparkler with an edgier, more geometric feel.

Christopher Designs Neon Crisscut Lab Grown Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

lab grown diamond engagement ring

Vintage lovers, take note. An oval diamond surrounded by a floral diamond halo has an instant heirloom quality.

Tips for Buying a Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Similarly to buying a natural diamond ring, there are several factors to consider before you purchase a lab-grown sparkler—it's a big investment, after all. Below, a breakdown of expert tips for buying a lab-grown engagement ring.

Do your research. Start shopping with all of the relevant information and make sure you know exactly what you're buying. "It's important to know what you or your partner wants, learn the 4C's, search online and in-person, choose the retailer or designer that fits you best, and purchase a stone with an authentic gemological grading report," says Avi Levy, President of International Gemological Institute (IGI). "A grading report from IGI, the world leader in lab-grown diamond grading, will ensure that the quality of the stone has been verified by a third party and all the necessary testing has been performed. "

Opt for Better Clarity and Color. Diamonds are graded according to the 4C's: cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Typically, the better a diamond's grade in these categories, the higher its price. Given that lab-grown diamonds cost anywhere from 20% to 50% less than natural diamonds, you can use your savings to buy a higher-quality stone. " I recommend couples stay within the F to G color range—stones graded with these colors are well-priced and will look very white in both yellow gold and white gold or platinum settings," says Shahla Karimi, the New York-based designer of Shahla Karimi. Where clarity is concerned (read: how heavily included or flawed a diamond is), couples should look for a stone with a grade of VS2 or higher, according to Josh Sherman, Director of Marketing & Branding at Grown Brilliance.

Consider Sizing Up. If your budget allows, you can also use your savings to buy a larger stone. The option to go bigger at a much lower cost is one of the main draws of lab-grown diamonds for many couples, especially now that solitaire settings with larger center stones are on the rise. "Before lab-grown diamonds existed, the standard size for the center stone on an engagement ring was 1 carat. Today, with lab-grown diamonds, it's closer to 2 carats each," says Sherman.

Insure your purchase. Lab-grown diamond jewelry can also be insured, just like jewelry made from natural stones. "We strongly suggest insuring items of value you'll use day to day, just like insuring your car. To that end IGI provides affordable independent appraisals for finished jewelry, as well as loose gemstones, welcomed by the world's most highly regarded insurance providers," Levy says.

Ignore the critics. Naysayers will cite anything from the possibility that lab-grown stones could lose their value (only time will tell) to environmental impact (unless you opt for a vintage or antique ring, no choice will be carbon neutral). Like nearly every element leading up to your big day, you want your engagement ring to be a reflection not only of your taste but your values. If you've done your research and found a lab-grown ring that meets your aesthetic requirements, your budget, and that you'll feel confident wearing for the rest of your married life, then by all means, go for it.

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