Last-minute Wedding Day Hair and Makeup Ideas

by Jennie Ma

For those last minute brides who didn't have time to plan a regimented beauty routine, don't worry, it's not too late. Here are some beauty ideas that you can incorporate the day of your wedding.


Color Extraordinaire

Just pack this little compact cream in your clutch for your one stop color shop. It doubles as a blush, lipstick and even eyeshadow in a crunch.

Full Bloom Lip and Cheek Creme Color, $21,


Hair Gloss

Didn't put your hair through a gazillion different conditioning masks? It's okay. You can fake a shine with this reflecting spray. It's loaded with natural extracts (like lemongrass, sunflower and amber) as well as argan oil to give you glossy, luminous locks.

Shine Light Reflecting Spray, $36,

Humidity Helper

If there is one thing that Mother Nature likes to remind us of, it's that she is the one calling the shots. So you'll need a backup plan if she decides she wants to throw some humidity into your wedding day mix. Rub an anti-frizzing serum into your hair to be prepared for the worst.

Anti-Frizz Serum, $8,


Lock-in Foundation

So you didn't have time to schedule in an airbrushing appointment. No big deal. This ultra light weight but super strength foundation won't budge or melt off, no matter how much the sun is shining on you during the ceremony.

Double Wear Light Stay-in-Place Makeup, $36,


Pick Me Up

It's bound to happen—you get your hair blow out in the morning but after the ceremony it's fallen completely flat. Toss a body boosting powder into your day of bag (or use any of these products above) to instant give your hair a lift. Just use it sparingly. The idea is to have volume not a beehive.

Instant Volume Body Boost Powder,

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