23 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Quarantining With Your Partner

Who knew you were living with the loudest typer on the planet?
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sarah hanlon associate editor the knot
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Updated Apr 17, 2020

Since the release of social distancing guidelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you're likely spending plenty of time at home with your S.O. And for most couples, uninterrupted quality time together is a dream come true. According to data from The Knot x Lasting State of Relationships Report, which surveyed over 1,200 engaged and married couples, sixty-six percent of engaged users say their relationship has strengthened. This time together is also helping couples rediscover their love for one another because they're finding fresh ways to stay entertained. Over 70 percent of newly engaged and married couples say they're spending more time binge-watching TV shows, and 53 percent are cooking and baking together more than usual.

But, as you've probably learned, self-quarantining together doesn't come without setbacks. The study found that 39 percent of couples are now remotely working from together, which presents a new set of challenges to conquer. Plus, without anywhere else to go, you may start to experience cabin fever as you spend all of your time at home. Social distancing together might not always be easy, but it will certainly be a learning experience for you and your S.O. Below, we've rounded up all the GIFs that perfectly describe quarantining together. Because even if your partner is a loud Zoom talker, spending all of your time together is still pretty fun.

When you realize self-quarantining means spending every moment with your S.O. for the foreseeable future.

So you have all the time in the world to bake banana bread and watch every Netflix documentary available.

And for the first few days, social distancing together isn't that bad.

But once you both start working from home, you realize your partner is the kind of person who says things like, "Let's circle back here," and "I want to make sure we're aligned on this."

And they might just be the loudest typer on the planet.

But despite this, you have a new coworker to gossip with.

And you're officially hooked on their office drama.

Now, your S.O. is basically your intern since they bring you coffee every day.

But nothing brings you joy quite like shutting off your laptop for the day and binge-watching Netflix together until 1 a.m.

Or testing out a new recipe you're seeing all over Instagram.

And then ordering takeout from a local restaurant because said recipe didn't work out so well.

And you start to think staying at home isn't the worst.

Because spending all day with your S.O. is the best.

But after a few weeks, boredom starts to get the best of you.

So you take drastic measures to stay occupied… like redecorating every room in your house.

And doing at-home workouts.

Or trying to learn a TikTok dance together.

And scheduling virtual happy hours with your friends and family every day...

Because you miss hanging out with your people.

So you eat all the snacks in your kitchen to feel better.

And then you buy everything in your Amazon cart.

But no matter how bored you get…

You wouldn't want to be quarantined with anyone else.

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