Destination Weddings: Who Pays for Local Wedding Transportion?


We're having a destination wedding in Las Vegas. All of our friends and family members are paying their own way to get there, but I was wondering whether we had to pay for their wedding transportation around town (from the hotel to the chapel, and then from the chapel to the reception site). We've booked limos for the wedding party and our immediate families, but I don't think we can afford them for everyone else — what should we do?


You don't have to provide your guests with transportation once they're in town whether you're wedding at home or in a far-flung locale, but it is always a nice perk. If you have a small number of guests and they're all staying in the same spot, you could consider chartering a bus or vans to take them to and fro (everyone doesn't have to roll up in a limo). Those will get your guests where they need to go without bankrupting your budget. That said, since you are wedding in a major city, you could let guests fend for themselves -- after all, taxis will be available. If that's your plan, be sure you let everyone know well before the wedding that that's the deal. You don't have to be blunt (no "find your own ride" warnings necessary); instead, when you send other info about accommodations and so on, include the numbers of local cab companies or suggest spots where it will be easiest to catch a ride.

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