Maid of Honor: Any Wedding Toast Ideas?

Q: I will be matron of honor at my sister-in-law's wedding (my husband's sister). I want to toast her and her groom, but I don't share a long history with them, and I don't know what's appropriate. Any ideas?

A: Obviously you are somewhat close to your sister-in-law if she asked you to be her honor attendant, so focus on the bond you've formed with her since you married her brother. Touch on how she made you feel welcome in her family and how you're looking forward to getting to know her groom better as another member of your extended family. If she met him while you knew her and you remember her talking about him when they first dated, you might share a fun anecdote about how excited she was about him, or talk about the moment she told you they were getting engaged. Don't stress out: All you really need to do is wish the newlyweds well and raise a glass!

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