7 Ways to Make Registering Together More Fun

Is it feeling like a chore? Here’s how to turn it into a treat—for both of you.
by Sarah Newell
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After the date is set and the venue contracts are signed, it's time to think about starting your registry. If the task of narrowing down the items you really need seems more like work than fun—especially when it comes to getting your partner to participate in the process—read on for ways to make it a little easier (and maybe even enjoyable).

  1. ​1. Call It a Date Night

    Get all dolled up to hit the store with your beau after sundown, when the daytime crowds are gone. “I strategically took my husband to an early dinner, placated him with a bottle of wine, and then coaxed him to the sixth floor of Bloomingdale's for his opinion on wedding china," says The Knot senior style editor Lauren Kay.

  2. 2. Think Big

    We mean seriously huge, the-sky's-the-limit big. Does your fiance want a new king-size mattress? Do you have your eye on a designer coffee table? It's okay to register for these types of pricey, dream-home items alongside the more affordable stuff (like coasters and corkscrews). Macy's, for instance, has a Dream Fund Gift Card that multiple guests can put money on so the couple can use that juicy sum to buy big-ticket items on their list.

  3. ​3. Mingle While You Shop

    Get advice from other couples and experts in person at a registry event. Don't just click on a bunch of items online—this really is one of those times you need to see a product in person; after all, you may be using these household items for a long time to come. Don't you want to make sure those casserole dishes don't have flimsy handles? Many big-box stores host registry soirees, like Crate and Barrel's The Wedding Parties or Macy's Sip and Scan. Bonus for reluctant partners: These events often have free food, drinks and gifts, and you can leave whenever you want. Need we say more?

  4. ​4. Make a Game Out of It

    It's time to challenge your fiance to a game of “I Spy." At the store, take turns eyeing something you'd like to add to your registry and then see if your partner can guess what it is. Give clues and answer "yes" or "no" questions until the other person can find it. It's a fun way to test your knowledge of each other's tastes while making shopping a little more interesting.

  5. ​5. Don't Try to Finish in One Night

    If the knowledge that you'll have to use and love the products you're selecting now for the rest of your life is paralyzing your decision-making skills, remember that you can always take items off your list later or return them if you decide you don't actually want all your kitchen appliances to be fire-engine red. Once you or your partner start getting cranky, it's time to put down the scanner and start again some other time.

  6. ​6. Think Beyond “Things”

    For some couples who are living together already or simply have everything they need, the idea of adding more to their home feels wasteful. “We've been finding that a lot of our couples don't want 'stuff,' " Kay says. Enter registry alternatives like a honeymoon fund or requests for more experiential gifts, from restaurant gift cards to a series of wine-tasting classes. Kay suggests asking for a membership to your local art museum, or how about season tickets to your favorite sports team? You betcha!

  7. ​7. Ditch Your Fiance—Take Your Buddies

    If your partner is absolutely dragging his feet about starting a registry and couldn't care less about towel thread counts or duvet designs, take your bridesmaids, friends or family members out to shop with you instead—especially folks you know will happily debate the merits of whether to go stemless or not for your wine glasses. Then bring him in when you've narrowed things down and just want a final opinion. It's a win-win.

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