Bachelorette Party: Making Bachelorette Party More Affordable?


I love the posh bachelorette party my maid of honor has planned, but I'm worried it'll leave too many of my friends out –- with the amount everyone's already shelled out for bridesmaid dresses, wedding gifts, and everything else, I know some of my maids won't have enough dough for a spa weekend on top of it all. What should I do?


No matter what, all of your bridesmaids are in luck because you certainly sound like a considerate bride-to-be! You've got two options. If the idea that your party's out of your whole crew's price range makes you too uncomfortable, talk to your MOH about it and see what you can come up with to change your plans. Let her know that while you love her party idea, you're worried that the price tag's a bit too high for some of your friends -- she's sure to appreciate your concerns. Maybe instead of a spa weekend, you can spend a day getting pampered, or even just get manicures and pedicures as a group before going out for drinks? Your other option is to keep the big party for those that can go, then plan a second soiree that everyone can attend. Just be sure you explain to everyone that there's no pressure to go to both -- otherwise, the friends you worried couldn't afford the first party will be scrimping to go anyway, and all your goodwill will have gone down the tubes.

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