Wedding Family Matters: Making Wedding Photos Family Only?


My future in-laws are upset because my fiance and I do not want his brother's girlfriend in our formal wedding pictures (that we are paying for). They think we are being rude. Is there any polite way I can tell them that family wedding pictures are just for members of the family?


The thinking here is that your fiance's brother may not always be with his current girlfriend, potentially leaving you with expensive wedding photos that include someone you don't even see anymore, right? Your feelings are totally understandable. It does sound like a sensitive topic for your future in-laws however. Perhaps you and your fiance can sit down with them and explain that it's truly nothing personal, but that you are paying for your wedding photos and don't want to spend money on a formal photo that includes non-family. If they are still insistent, perhaps you could ask them to contribute the cost for one family photo with her included.

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