Why We Love Marcy Blum

Marcy has paved the way for high-profile wedding producers the country over, with a client list including Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon, Katie Lee and Billy Joel, and Padma Lakshmi and Salman Rushdie. We get the goods straight from the "eventiste" herself.
by Susan Waits

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Make Your Staff Stand Out

As the quintessential hostess, you always want your guests to be well attended to, which means leaving no doubt of who the servers are. "I like my staff to look the same," Marcy says, but suggests dressing them in an interesting way beyond the typical black-and-white uniform. "Whether they're all wearing gold lame or all-black J. Crew or boating attire, I like it to be very obvious who the staff is."

Remember You Get What You Pay For

Although it's a very sweet idea and special in certain, sentimental circumstances, DIY has a time and a place. "People think they can do it much more easily and much more quickly than the reality of it is," Marcy cautions, adding that you always get what you pay for. Unless you're exceptionally crafty, with plenty of spare time on your hands, most wedding elements are best left to the experts.

Focus on the Big Picture -- and the End Result

"My favorite part of the wedding is seeing things come together that we've imagined," Marcy says. If you stay focused on the grand scheme (and let the professionals handle the details), the end result will be far more enjoyable. "When you actually see something that was a little difficult, like transportation or entertainment coordination, come together as you envisioned it, that's great fun," she says.

Keep Your Priorities in Check

"As a bride, you should decide what your priorities are -- decide what is important to you," Marcy says, "and not because I say so, or magazines say so, or The Knot says so, or the blogs say so, but because it's something that resonates with you." Of course it's important to focus on the details, she says, like the mushroom hors d'oeuvres and how many mushrooms, what type of mushrooms, sauteed, braised, etc. "But at the same time, you can never lose sight that at the end of this event you're planning, you're going to be married," Marcy emphasizes.

But Lighten Up

Sure, there are sacred, special aspects of a wedding, but as Marcy advises, "It's still a party -- it's supposed to be fun!" Being around large-scale events every day of her life, Marcy has seen her fair share of stressed-out individuals, but she reminds us all that a little humor never hurt anyone. "These are the best times in people's lives," she says, referring to your friends, family, and guests. "So if you're not having fun, maybe you should rethink what you're doing." Enjoy yourself!

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