Wedding Accessories: Match Necklace With Wedding Dress Neckline?


I'm wearing a very plain, ecru satin, V-neck wedding gown and I'm not sure what type of necklace to wear. I can borrow a pearl choker from my mom, but I'm wondering if the necklace should fill the V-neck. Are there any rules for accessorizing your wedding dress?


While there aren't any hard-and-fast rules, a necklace that falls about halfway between the base of the neck and the point of the V usually looks best on this type of wedding dress neckline. That said, it's always nice to wear a family heirloom, and a classic 14- to 16-inch choker will work well with virtually every wedding dress silhouette. If your mother's necklace is a slim, single strand and your V-neck is deep, the jewelry could get lost. Depending on how low your neckline dips, you may want to talk to a jeweler about adding a pendant (also called an enhancer) to your mom's choker. Keep in mind that any necklace you choose will draw attention to your bust and neckline, particularly if the neckline plunges. In the end, if you decide to swap your family heirloom for another piece of wedding jewelry (or forego the necklace altogether), you can always wear her choker at your wedding rehearsal dinner or postwedding brunch.

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