Match Your Makeup With Your Hair Color

Not sure which makeup hues to choose? Look to your locks to find which colors will flatter you most.
by Hollee Actman Becker

You were born a brunette, but you've always dreamed of looking like Princess Grace on your wedding day. So, you hit the salon and had your colorist switch your honey highlights to all over platinum. Fair enough (pardon the pun). But now you're going to have to change your makeup routine as well because different hair shades demand different color palettes. Now, follow these guidelines for getting gorgeous with your new look.

If Your Hair is Now Blonde...

Baby pinks will look wonderful with your newly flaxen tresses, so apply them to your checks and lips. Keep things soft by highlighting your eyes with taupe and bone shadows. You'll look great in salmon and peach shades, as well.

If Your Hair is Now Brunette...

Kick your routine up a notch with light-to-medium colors: rose, raisin, brown, and mahogany. If your eyes are also dark, make them smolder with amethyst or emerald shadow and charcoal or mahogany liner.

If Your Hair is Now Red...

Use rich brown or brown-red shades on your lips, apricot or muted pink blush, brown mascara, and camel and toast eye shadows. And if you have green eyes, make them look even greener by lining them with a red-brown liner.

If Your Hair is Now Dark Brown or Black...

Deep lip colors will look the best on you: think blackberry, plum, burgundy, and red. If you have fair skin, line your eyes in a soft brown or gray, then apply black mascara and white shadow to your brow bone to really make them pop.

If Your Hair is Now Gray...

You've decided to go au naturel? Then using more colorful makeup is essential since gray or white hair can drain color from your face. For your lipstick: stay away from brown, and opt instead for pretty pink, rose, apricot, or peach. For your blush: go for rosy tones, muted brights, or pastels. For your eyes: if they're dark, use a gray or brown shadow palette; if they're light, use a shadow trio of gray, slate, and navy. And avoid blue eye shadow, which can be aging.

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