Wedding Food & Drink: Meeting Wedding Guests' Dietary Needs?


Is it necessary to take all 200 wedding guests' individual diets into consideration when planning the wedding reception menu? It is totally overwhelming to think about serving a meal that meets the needs of those who are vegetarians, diabetics, have food allergies, keep Kosher, are on Atkins or South Beach, and the just-don't-like-exotic-food types. It is so much simpler (not to mention cheaper) to have one wedding reception menu, but I don't want anyone to starve because they can't eat pork, for example.


You are right, it's impossible to foresee every single wedding guest's dietary needs and preferences. Your best bet is to choose one basic meat entree (chicken is pretty universal) and one meat-free entree, which will make vegetarians, dieters, and picky eaters alike happy. Also, consider having a buffet that includes a variety of foods that will please everyone's palate, and let guests choose what they would like to and are able to eat. And remember too that people with specialized food requirements usually do not expect to be served a special meal when they attend a large function such as a wedding. They will understand that they need to be flexible.

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