Mike & Janet Huckabee's Wedding Story

These two had a blue color scheme for their at-home wedding (tuxedo included!).
by The Knot

How did they meet and get engaged?

It was young love for Mike and Janet, who met during junior high school. The two started dating their senior year of high school. Before Mike proposed, he asked permission from Janet's mother and stepfather. "I didn't have money for a ring yet, so I used a pull-tab from a soda can and proposed to her in her living room," Mike says.

The Bride

Janet McCain, 18

The Groom

Michael Dale Huckabee, 18

Wedding Date

May 25, 1974

The Location

Hope, Arkansas

Number of Guests


What did they wear?

The color for the wedding day was blue. The wedding party wore blue -- the bridesmaids wore white and blue gingham dresses and Mike wore a powder blue suit paired with a white bow tie and white shoes. Janet's gown was a pretty white eyelet gown with a bow in the back that her mother had made for her.

The wedding day?

Because their families attended different churches, they decided to get married in Janet's mother's house. "My mother had always dreamed of having me walk down the stairs at my wedding," Janet says. On the day of the wedding, Janet's sister played "Here Comes the Bride" on the piano as Janet walked down the stairs to meet Mike. Following the sweet ceremony, the reception unfolded right there at the house. The couple cut into a two-tiered wedding cake and celebrated with their friends and family.

One of Mike's favorite wedding memories?

"We took photos before the ceremony and I was just starving," Mike says. "So Janet's mother cooked a hamburger for me and I ate it in between photos."

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