The 10-Minute Monday Mini Camp

by The Knot

If you miss your Monday workout, it can break your entire week -- and with only so many weeks before your wedding, every Monday matters. I often advise my Bridalicious Boot Campers to tackle their Mondays by setting themselves up for a small success: the 10-Minute Monday Mini Camp.

Ten minutes isn't much to ask of yourself, and when you kick off a week by accomplishing this short but intense group of exercises, you're more likely to stick with your regimen for the rest of the week.

What You'll Need

The mini camp can be done inside or outside. If you're outside, you'll need a park bench (or something of equal height), a set of stairs and an open area for running. If you're inside, you'll need a step bench and a treadmill.

How to Do It

Move quickly from one exercise to the next, just like in circuit training. Monitor your breathing and heart rate, and adjust your intensity accordingly.

1. Warm up by running in place with high knees: 30 seconds
2. Step-ups on the bench: 30 seconds leading with each leg
3. Mountain climbers: 30 seconds
4. Sprint interval laps: 4 minutes (run at sprinting speed for 30 seconds; then walk or jog for 1 minute)
5. High-tempo push-ups: 30 seconds
6. Alternating forward lunges: 1 minute
7. Burpees: 30 seconds
8. Cool down with alternating planks and side planks: 2 minutes

If you find time during your day again, feel free to do this workout two, three or even four more times.

The Bottom Line

It only takes 10 minutes on Monday to set a successful fitness tone for the rest of your week!

Doug Rice

We teamed up with certified personal trainer Doug Rice to design a fitness boot camp exclusively for brides! Doug has helped thousands of brides get the results they need to look and feel amazing on their wedding day. Learn more about Doug and the Bridalicious® Boot Camp by The Knot DVD at Follow Doug on Twitter (@bridalicious) and Facebook (

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