Most Embarrassing Bridal Showers Ever!

by Miles Stiverson

A lot of bridal showers have moments that make the bride blush, but occasionally something happens that leaves everyone speechless. We asked brides to share their most cringe-worthy bridal shower moments -- here are the most embarrassing bridal shower stories we've ever heard.

"My friend was very uneasy about having her mother and grandmother at her bridal shower. She opened the first gift and it was a very tasteful negligee, and she had a relieved look on her face. The next present was from her grandmother: It was an apron. She looked very confused and then the grandmother said, 'One day when your hubby gets home put that sucker on with two cookies in the pockets and it will drive him wild!'"

"At my bridal shower my maid of honor made centerpieces with little fish in them. I guess there was something wrong with the water, because 15 minutes after everyone arrived they had all died and were floating in the vases in the center of the tables!"

"At a friend's bridal shower I bought her a 'toy' as a sort of gag gift -- I didn't know there would be a lot of older female family members there. Her 90-year-old grandmother was so disgusted that she spit her dentures into the gift box and stormed out."

"At my shower we played the game 'How Well Does the Bride Know the Groom.' I only got 2 out of 10 right -- how am I supposed to know his dream job is to be an FBI agent!"

"At a bridal shower for a close friend, each time she opened a gift her mom would comment loudly, often saying how cheap it was and how the guest in question should have spent twice as much on her daughter! My poor friend was mortified, and the rest of the shower was, to put it mildly, a little awkward."

"I was maid of honor for my college friend's wedding, but had briefly dated the groom in college (it was never serious and we were all friends). At the shower we were playing a game where the bride has to answer questions about the groom, and she was asked who the groom's first kiss was. She looked at me, I put my head down and turned red, and she said my name. I had been his first kiss. We laughed it off, but I was so embarrassed and wanted to hide for the rest of the shower."

"At my sister's bridal shower we played a game where everyone takes a piece of toilet paper and 'dresses' the bride up in a toilet paper gown. The instructions were to 'take a piece of paper the size you normally would when you use the bathroom.' My mother proceeds to take two squares of toilet paper. Everyone stops what they're doing and when she realizes that everyone is looking at her says, 'Using too much paper is wasteful, and I always wash my hands after.'"

"My future mother-in-law has planned a shower for me at a Victorian tea room. Sounds nice enough, right? Wrong. The venue happens to be the very location of my 8th, 9th, and 10th birthday parties. And did I mention she has invited 45 people? My wedding will have only 30 guests!"

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