Wedding Family Matters: Don't Want Mother In Law to Host Wedding Rehearsal Dinner!


My soon-to-be mother-in-law is making me crazy! She calls every few weeks to tell us she's angry about something involving the wedding and won't come. Then the next week she calls back to say she's sorry. I'm sick of it, and the thought of her ruining the wedding rehearsal dinner makes me sick! Is there anyway to politely tell her my parents will throw it instead? (She's from out of town.)


Yikes. Sounds like she's on edge about this wedding business. Regardless of why she's acting this way, it's unfortunate that it's made you so upset. That's why it's a tough call on the rehearsal dinner. On the one hand, taking that responsibility away from her may only make her angrier. On the other hand, she may actually appreciate (in spite of herself!) not having to deal with it, since she's not in town. You and your fiance know best how she might react. Maybe he should be the one to bring it up with her. If she doesn't host the dinner, maybe you two should, so she doesn't feel "one-upped" by your parents.

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